Meet the team

Scrapeo est composé d’une jeune équipe de développeurs qui accompagnent les projets de nos clients de manières personnalisées, en continue.


Mathieu Catherine

In charge of the day to day operations and the sales / adoption phase of the product. 

With 10 years experience in consulting and sales I have always been concerned by customer care. Today it is common to hear about the importance of the user experience. I can say that it has always been an important subject to me. 

Scrapeo was born of a simple observation. How to help colleagues, clients, employees, researchers, individuals trying to collect info from internet. Some non techy stuck with copy/pasting. All the frustration of time resources being wasted. 

After 15 years in Sweden, a solid experience in managing business units, many concepts ideas left behind, it felt natural to try the entrepreneurship experience with Scrapeo.


Francis Haegelen

In charge of the technical architecture of the product as well as custom developments to meet customers’ specific requirements. 

After over 12 years at Microsoft France managing global support services, I went on to work as a Devops architect in the gaming industry in Stockholm.

With a real appetite for simplification and automation I found in Scrapeo the perfect fit for my skills and passion for modern frameworks and tools like serverless, docker and python.