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Transform the web into data for Sales Finance Marketing Research Growth Publication E-commerce

A powerful no-code solution within a Chrome extension.  

Open a website

Download our chrome extension. Navigate on the site you want data from. No training needed, you can start now.

Select your data

Click on the data you want. Easily collect the url:s you need. Get data even from multiple pages.

Download the results

Access data via, Excel, XML or API. You chose the format and the options of your project, without limits.

utilize the data

Once you have the data in your possession, you can rework it, access it at any time, and compare it with more recent datasets.

our solution

Start collecting what you want today. Simple. Basic.

Retrieving data from the internet can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Our Chrome extension is a true no-code solution that enables you to gather the information you need. You can focus on the end results rather than the technical challenge of achieving them.

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our service

A straightforward IT solution

We utilize proven and robust technologies such as Java, Python, rotating IPs, Selenium, Scrapy… But you don’t need to know that.

Simply download our extension and focus on the result you desire. That’s all.

Save your time and energy for what truly matters.

"Scrapeo has significantly reduced the administrative work involved in our publishing processes. It has also allowed us to expand our collaboration with major clients who do not have the capability to develop an XML, enabling us to establish closer and more profitable partnerships with some of our largest and most important clients."
Mathias Flink
Responsable marketing, EMG
"I really appreciate the quality of their work; it helped me collect and understand information from data I didn't have before. Thanks to them, I was able to improve my SEO and see some of my pages reach the top position in Google."
Lionel Hugonnier
Manager, Mozaik floor
"The Scrapeo extension allowed us to easily obtain the information I wanted. I was able to collect the same data at different times of the day and week to understand the volatility of my market. All this data helped me build my business case and the strategy for my project."
Bertrand Bizot-Espiard
Manager, Ribalta Aromatic


Tried, tested, and approved

We are proud to have already assisted numerous companies with their needs. Whether they are recurring or unique, our solution caters to all web scraping requirements. Contact us!


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