scrapeo formation

The largest database of training organizations in Europe, updated in real-time.

Concrete applications for:

Scrapeo formation


A comprehensive solution

Thanks to our exclusive scraping tool, we have built a comprehensive library of training organizations, including all the necessary information for seamless integration into our clients’ interfaces. Our Chrome extension is continuously improved to provide you with the best data quality.

Description and Information

The description, prerequisites, objectives, etc… all the necessary information is available.

Session Dates

In the format of your choice for seamless integration into your system. No additional formatting required.

Category Mapping

To match your themes. No need for re-categorization, an extraordinary time-saving benefit.

Cities and Locations

They can also be mapped to integrate seamlessly and correspond to your classification.


In the format of your choice for seamless integration into your system.

SEO Elements 

The breadcrumb, URL, meta-descriptions, etc… all these elements are also available.

HTML or Text

Depending on your system, we adapt and send the data in the format that suits you best.

Reviews and Comments

You can receive reviews and comments, per training or for the entire organization.

Training Organizations


Our solution allows you to collect your information directly from your website and adapt it to the formats required by various referencers.

Training catalogs, LMS


Benefit from data on more than 150 training organizations, universities, and schools. Harmonized in the format that suits you best.



Our database, composed of 250 training organizations, contains all the necessary information for generating statistics on the training market.